contemporary basics for modern women, from carefully selected organic and certified fabrics


i’m Monika, owner and designer of ateljee gwubi.

i have had a soft spot for fashion, fabrics and sewing since i was a little girl. after having two children (who now model for me), i turned my dream of creating a fashion brand into a reality, and gwubi was born.

gwubi designs reflect the changing society we live in. sometimes we add rich colors, other times we use neutrals. we embrace change in our designs. but we always maintain beautiful hues, clean lines and effortless looks.

we strive to only use sustainable and nature-friendly materials. most of our production is custom-made to order; thus, we only have a minimal amount of items ready to ship to minimize fabric waste.

ateljee gwubi sustainability

ateljee gwubi

ateljee gwubi (estonian for atelier or studio) is a slow fashion brand for women who value ​​clean, unique and comfortable cuts, high-quality fabrics and ethical production.

we make modern daily worn clothes equally suitable for everyday and festive events.

our clothes allow you to be yourself regardless of your mood and always lift your mood at least a little.

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